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Business activity


Design and production

We design and produce all types of power distribution cabinets designed for automatic control of power and industrial plants. MI MARIS’s employees are experienced in manufacturing and testing the functionalities of power distribution cabinets, as well as in designing, programming and commissioning automatic production processes.

By virtue of PLCs (programmable logic controllers), we design automatic systems for monitoring and controlling processes, plants or facilities. We provide automatic system monitoring in power and industrial plants, business and residential facilities. Our solutions facilitate efficient monitoring of the energy system, ensuring of appropriate work conditions and rational use of energy. SCADA systems - computer systems for monitoring, measuring and controlling industrial systems enable real-time remote control, alarms by text messages, e-mails or phone calls, error detection and archiving of process data.


We program PLC- and SCADA-operated automatic systems and put them into operation at the user’s location. Putting into operation means parametrization and linking of equipment, setting communication channels, setting sensors and measurement devices, signal scaling, etc. We design customized, functional and user-friendly visualization systems.

We use contemporary industrial automation equipment of renowned manufacturers and suppliers with whom we have maintained reliable contractual business relationships for many years (UNITRONICS, SIEMENS, ABB, MITSUBISHI). We prepare circuit diagrams and design documentation using contemporary professional tools such as E-Plan and Autocad. It is our firm belief that innovation and continuous education are the key to success, and we try to provide all our customers with the most recent and reliable customized energy solutions.

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