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Business activity


Design, testing and execution

Our offer includes the fitting of all types of electrical installations in industrial, tourist, educational, business and residential facilities.

We are authorized for performance of inspections and for testing safety measures on power distribution networks and installations as well as for installation, maintenance and repair of equipment in areas defined as explosive atmosphere hazardous areas. Due to the complexity of these works, the company is under constant supervision of Ex-Agencija - Agency for Explosive Atmosphere Hazardous Areas.


Knowledge, experience and equipment

The employees of MI MARIS have the knowledge and experience necessary for performing electrical installation works; the team of electrical engineers have passed certification exams and joined professional organizations which proves their professionalism, whereas electrical technicians and electrical installation fitters possess numerous professional authorizations and certificates. We possess equipment and tools that enable us to perform all types of electrical installations, as well as measurement instruments and devices calibrated in authorized laboratories.
Owing to the years-long cooperation with numerous equipment manufacturers and suppliers, we can supply the most recent, high-quality material and equipment according to the user’s wishes and needs, guaranteeing high quality of the installed equipment and fitted installations.

Electrical installations
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