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Socially responsible activity

In accordance with our vision and mission, and the fundamental values we represent, we try to work toward permanent values for all the stakeholders and contribute to a better society.

MI MARIS builds its social responsibility on the most important segment - our workers. We try to create positions which make our employees feel secure and satisfied and stimulate their personal and business progress. In return, we expect our employees to be proactive and work in the best interest of both the company and our customers. We try to maintain good relations and contacts with those who decide to leave our company, regardless of the reason.

We pay great attention of our employees’ continuous education. We follow the offer of training courses in our segment of activity and make it possible for our workers to grow personally and professionally by acquiring new skills and knowledge. We take part in activities that contribute to the promotion of vocational technical professions and innovations as well as in those that stimulate energy efficiency or the development of entrepreneurship. It is our pleasure to be able to support those organizations focused on raising awareness on the importance of education in vocational areas and technical science, and on investments in innovation and technology.

Occupational health and safety
We make sure all our employees work in safe conditions, and we operate in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard. It is our priority to continuously improve the safety of our work environment by setting up clear work procedures. Our employees undergo regular preventive medical check-ups.

Environmental impact management
Preservation of natural resources and energy efficiency are an important part of our activity. We invest great efforts in improving our own work and waste management procedures and try to raise our employees’ awareness through regular education on environment protection.

Local community
We actively participate in developing the social community by providing material, organizational and financial support to numerous educational, cultural and sports institutions and associations. Most of our workers spend their free time enjoying activities in various associations and clubs. Their activity contributes to the shaping of our social, sports and cultural environment.

Local procurement
We support local companies, crafts, producers and farmers by buying their products or using the services they offer. This is our way of supporting the local community and helping in the employment of local resources.

Please find below some of the organizations whose work we have supported in the past.

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