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Business activity


Professional consulting, execution and construction

We offer professional advice on selecting the system, fitting of installations and equipment, as well as heating, air-conditioning and automatic-control devices.

We perform mechanical- and electrical-installation works on supply and installation of heating and cooling systems:

  • cooling and heating by virtue of radiators and fan coils,

  • surface heating and cooling,

  • solar heating and preparation of domestic hot water,

  • heating, cooling and preparation of sanitary water using the heat pump,

  • water-cooler cooling systems,

  • VRV heating and cooling systems,

  • gas installations.


Knowledge, experience and equipment

The employees of MI MARIS are professionally trained for performing mechanical works: starting from the team of mechanical engineers who have passed the certification exam and joined professional organizations guaranteeing a quality project implementation to the fitters, welders, gas installations fitters and operators of gas boilers with automatic thermal control. Our equipment, tools and vehicle fleet satisfy all the requirements for fitting mechanical and gas installations in accordance with legal regulations. We have maintained an excellent years-long business relationship with equipment manufacturers and suppliers, enabling us to obtain the latest equipment which is perfectly suited to the user’s needs and guarantees an efficient energy system.

Heating and cooling systems
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